Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life of a Blogger: To All The Rabbits I've Loved



Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme by Novel Heartbeat.  It gives us a chance to talk about non-bookish passions and interests.

I am a huge animal lover.  Wherever I travel, I always seek out zoos and aquariums.  I would love to own a farm.  So, I could easily write a novel about my favorite animals.  I love foxes, okapis, giraffes, sea turtles, dogs, manatees etc. etc.  But it always comes back to one animals in particular:


This is a childhood and perennial favorite of mine.  I've loved bunnies for as long as I could remember.  It would drive my aunt crazy because she would get tired of buying me bunny things.  Evidence:  one of my favorite books as a young person was Watership Down...which is about rabbits. 

I've been luckily enough to own a few rabbits over the years.  My first one was a black rabbit I named oh so cleverly "Peter Rabbit".  I was three.  Peter was not a nice bunny though.  He was very anti-social and could scratch or bite me when I came near him.  So he went to live with a family friend who had lots of other rabbits. 

My second rabbit wasn't until I was 16.  We got him at a rabbit rescue society.  They called him Honey Bunny and he had the best personality.  He LOVED running down the hall and leaping up in the air.  He was like the Shaun White of rabbits.  So we renamed him Jumpin' Jack Flash.  I really had a thing for word play as a kid.  (I had a hamster named Jean Claude Van Hamsterdamm).  Sadly, Jack didn't leave very long.  We had him for a year before he died overnight.  We never did find out what happened.  I miss that guy.

Soon after, a friend's rabbit had babies so we got another Rex named Wynken.  (Like the poem).  Wyken was a very pretty grey rabbit.  She wasn't as lively as Jack, but she still had a pretty fun personality.  She hung out with us for about 3-4 years and then got ovarian cancer, which is very common in unspayed rabbits.  Spay your saves lives!
 My penultimate rabbit was Ernie.  My mom's co worker found a domesticated rabbit in their yard and built it a hutch.  Soon that rabbit had baby bunnies.  And my mom offered to let me pick one out.  I picked out a little black rabbit.  Ernie was the first rabbit I had as a baby.  SO. CUTE.  Ernie was very laid back and a snuggler.  She (yes, she) had dislocated her hind leg and while we had surgery performed, she never quite healed right.  She didn't let that get to her though.  I had Ernie for 10 years.  She was very much missed by me and her "boyfriend", Bert, who was the last rabbit I owned.

 I bought Bert on a whim (bad, I know!) as a companion for Ernie.  Bert was very...uh...amorous with Ernie, so I had to kept them separated for awhile until Bert was neutered and got rid of some of his hormones and stopped chasing tail.  Bert lived with us for about 8 years and I just had to put down him down last weekend.  It was very sad.  He was a naughty little bunny in the best bad-boy way.  He was very particular about the things he liked and didn't like and would let you know how he felt.  He was a big fan of thumping in irritation when faced with something he didn't like.  He was a good guy and I miss him.

It will be awhile before we owe another rabbit,  I think.  I would really like to have a better place for them to run around and be free.  But if I had my way, this is how my life would be:



  1. I love bunnies. We see them in our yard pretty often-for a while, we had a rabbit and her bunnies living in the backyard. And my sister and I had a rabbit once when we were kids, that my mom impulsively bought from some guy selling them by the side of the road, but sadly, the rabbit didn't live for very long.

  2. Ahahaha jean Claude Von hamsterdamm hahaha!! God you should see the people on the train staring at me right now I can't stop laughing!! And I LOVE Bert and Ernie! (They're my favorites on Sesame Street) I'm sorry to hear about Bert though, that's always really hard :(. I wish you many more bunnies in your future!

    1. Hehe, I also had a cat named Luke Fencewalker.

  3. Bunnies! They're so cute :) I always kind of wanted one, but taking care of them would be too difficult for me. I always hated cleaning out my hamster cages. That last picture is hilarious!



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