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The Nightmare Dilemma by Mindee Arnett [Review]

The Nightmare Dilemma (The Arkwell Academy, #2)4 out of 5 Robots!

The Nightmare Dilemma by Mindee Arnett
Series: Arkwell Academy #2
Genre: YA Paranormal
Release: March 4, 2014
Hardcover: 384 Pages
Publisher: Tor Teen
My Copy: Purchased
Reviewer: Shannon
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Book Summary:
The second in a thrilling new fantastical mystery series

Dusty Everhart might be able to predict the future through the dreams of her crush, Eli Booker, but that doesn’t make her life even remotely easy. When one of her mermaid friends is viciously assaulted and left for dead, and the school’s jokester, Lance Rathbone, is accused of the crime, Dusty’s as shocked as everybody else. Lance needs Dusty to prove his innocence by finding the real attacker, but that’s easier asked than done. Eli’s dreams are no help, more nightmares than prophecies.

To make matters worse, Dusty’s ex-boyfriend has just been acquitted of conspiracy and is now back at school, reminding Dusty of why she fell for him in the first place. The Magi Senate needs Dusty to get close to him, to discover his real motives. But this order infuriates Eli, who has started his own campaign for Dusty’s heart.

As Dusty takes on both cases, she begins to suspect they’re connected to something bigger. And there’s something very wrong with Eli’s dreams, signs that point to a darker plot than they could have ever imagined.
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Shannon's Thoughts:
I was fairly on the fence about the first book in this series, The Nightmare Affair.   I liked it well enough, but certainly wasn't wowed by it.  But I was interested enough in the concept to continue the series and I'm glad I did because I liked this sequel quite a lot!  At very least, The Nightmare Dilemma certainly doesn't suffer from the The Dreaded Second Book Syndrome. 

What I really liked about both books was the concept.  I'm a bit of a sucker for a good boarding school premise and this series certainly doesn't disappoint on this end.  But what's even better?  A magical boarding school, am I right? Sold.  I also like Arnett's take on the paranormal.  Her treatment of witches, demons, fairies, etc. is fun and amusing.

I particularly liked that Dusty's confidence grew since the last novel.  There was a lot less friend/relationship drama and the action was focused more on Dusty and her friends trying to solve the crime.  The only real drama involved Eli.  He ran very hot and cold with Dusty.  One minute he was kissing her, another he was pushing her away.  There is a reason, but it seems like a manufactured plot point to create relationship tension.  I like Eli and Dusty together, but I don't like hot/cold relationship drama on the whole.

Overall, a great sequel.  If you liked the first book, you will definitely like this one!

Other books in this series in the order that they should be read:
1. The Nightmare Affair
2. The Nightmare Dilemma

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