Thursday, June 12, 2014

Life of a Blogger: Collections


LIFE OF A BLOGGER: Collections

Life of a Blogger is a weekly meme by Novel Heartbeat.  It gives us a chance to talk about non-bookish passions and interests.

I have 3 collections.  Two are true collections and the third I consider a collection because I have a lot!

1. Postcards

I collect postcards.  I buy a bunch whenever I travel and people will bring them back from their travels.  For awhile I was exchanging postcards with people.  I have over 3500 and from over 100 different countries, including Antarctica! 

2.  Winery Wine Glass

Another favorite hobby of mine is wine tasting!  Luckily I live in Washington and very close to a bunch of wineries.  A lot of wineries sell wine glasses with their logo, so I collect those from the different wineries I visit.  I have a bunch from Washington, but also a few from Oregon, California, New York, Ohio, and Nova Scotia.  

3.  Nail Polish

I don't active collection nail polish like I do wine glasses and postcards, but I love it so I have a lot of it.  I had to have my husband put up a few racks to display them all. It makes me happy.  :D



  1. I have a giant nail polish collection, too! It's rare for me to go to a pharmacy or walk past Sephora without buying at least one new shade. I can't help myself!

    My Life of a Blogger Post

  2. I am so absolutely jealous of your nail polish collection! I have maybe 40+ and I'm always buying new shades wherever I go but yours is amazing! I didn't feature mine in my post though unfortunately, because I have too many collections.

    Your wine glasses collection is also really impressive. What fun collections you have :)

  3. Wow, that nail polish collection is impressive! It looks nice too - I have a lot of nail polish but it's all just thrown haphazardly into a Caboodles case because I don't use it much anymore. I'm too lazy to paint my nails these days XD



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