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Resurrection by Amy Carol Reeves [Review]

Resurrection (Ripper, #3)4 out of 5 Robots!

Resurrection by Amy Carol Reeves
Series: Ripper #3
Genre: YA Historical Fiction/Paranormal
Release: April 8, 2014
Hardcover:  360 Pages
Publisher: Flux Books
My Copy: Purchased
Reviewer: Shannon
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Book Summary:
When she catches Edmund Wyatt following her through the streets of London, Abbie Sharp learns that every British monarch for hundreds of years has known about—and financially supported—the Conclave. Furious that the monarchy would cooperate with such a nefarious group, Abbie refuses Wyatt’s request for help in catching the person who is blackmailing Queen Victoria with this secret information. But a far greater threat emerges when the Ripper, Max, returns and brings a string of new murders with him. Abbie must choose whether to help the Queen she now despises or stop Max from succeeding at his most diabolical plan yet—the creation of a whole new Conclave aimed at usurping the British throne.

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Shannon's Thoughts:
Resurrection really amps up the gore, action and craziness and I liked it.  Abbie and all of her loved one are in increasing danger which each chapter and from all sides.  Though Ripper was my favorite of the series, I thought Resurrection was a step up from the previous book, Renegade, which suffered some from major "Second Book Syndrome".  Resurrection, luckily, smooths out a few of the wrinkles, including putting an end of the love triangle (finally!) and giving us a more straightfoward plot.  There are some genuinely creepy and intense things going on - especially anytime the Conclave is involved.  Abbie's mouth sees a lot of action.  (No seriously, her mouth gets kissed...a lot.  It's actually kind of weird how many uncomfortable kissing scenes there are.)  We also get all the answers we were looking for, which is unfortunately done in the form of Villain Monologuing, but I could look past it.  The ending is intense, crazy and tragic.  I didn't approve of one of William's actions or Abbie's willingness to forgive said action, but I was ok with the ultimate ending between the two.

Overall, I think this series was a lot of fun.  Amy Carol Reeves writes in a very blunt, matter of fact way, but also in a very concise and well thought out way.  I loved the historical aspects and the fact that Abbie ends up with Dodos for pets.  Who wouldn't want a dodo for a pet?  Historical Fiction fans should give this series a try.

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2. Renegade
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