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The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas [Joint Review!]

The Perilous Sea (The Elemental Trilogy, #2)4 out of 5 Robots!

The Perilous Sea by Sherry Thomas
Series: The Elemental Trilogy #2
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release: September 16, 2014
Hardcover:  414 Pages
Publisher: Balzer + Bray
My Copy: Publisher (Edelweiss)
Reviewer: Shannon and Julia
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Book Summary:
After spending the summer away from each other, Titus and Iolanthe (still disguised as Archer Fairfax) are eager to return to Eton College to resume their training to fight the Bane. Although no longer bound to Titus by a blood oath, Iolanthe is more committed than ever to fulfilling her destiny—especially with the agents of Atlantis quickly closing in.

Soon after arriving at school, though, Titus makes a shocking discovery, one that makes him question everything he previously believed about their mission. Faced with this devastating realization, Iolanthe is forced to come to terms with her new role, while Titus must choose between following his mother's prophecies—and forging a divergent path to an unknowable future.

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Shannon and Julia's Thoughts:
1. What did you think of The Perilous Sea in 140 characters or less?
Shannon:  A cleaner, tighter sequel that ups the ante.
Julia: The Perilous Sea is full of suspense, action and super fun characters! 
2. Give us your thoughts on the evolution of Titus and Iolanthe's relationship in this book!
Shannon:  I love that they are together at the beginning of the book and in looooove.  But then this thing happens and it changes EVERYTHING.  But I don't like how Iolanthe deals with it.  I thought she was being kind of terrible to Titus about it.  Like, girl, focus.  There are bigger issues at hand.  She comes around, but I was really annoyed by her over the top reaction.  But there is also a part in the book that makes you realize how much they mean to each other...even when they don't realize it.  I love that.  Ultimately, I think they come out stronger than ever.
Julia: They're in love, plot twist, still in love but with all this teen angst... I like watching them jump through hoops and come out in the end closer. I love that they're best friends and they have each others back and the friendship/love isn't one sided. It does get tiresome seeing Iolanthe throw her little temper tantrums just because things have changed, but it is a fun ride nevertheless.   
3. How does The Perilous Sea compare to book one, The Burning Sky?
Shannon: I thought it was tighter and cleaner.  The writing was more concise, the plot tighter and more purposeful.  I enjoyed more on the whole and felt more confident in the story.  I was really lost at the beginning of The Burning Sky.
Julia: Both books are entertaining and have a genuinely good plot, but The Perilous Sea is much more satisfying because the story is solid. I could see where the plot was going, the characters fell into their roles more, and there was much more going on. I wasn't a huge fan of the back and forth between different times, but it still added something to the story that The Burning Sky was missing.  
4. Is the book lacking anything you wish it had included? OR Was there anything you could have done away with?
Shannon:  Well, the Big Fight between Titus and Iolanthe, for one, I could have done without.  The other thing I didn't love is how the book starts at the "end" in the middle of the plot and then flashes back 7 weeks earlier.  In general, I don't like this storytelling device because I just get anxious to get to that part in the story.  I didn't mind the change in timelines, but I just wish the book hadn't opened with that.
Julia: I completely agree with Shannon. First of all, it was a little confusing to start in the middle of the plot and then bounce back to seven weeks earlier. It ties together well, but honestly I'm not a huge fan of that either. It was hard for me not to skim those sections because I just wanted to know what was going on now.  
5. What did you think of all the characters as a whole? Love 'em or leave 'em?
Shannon: I do like the characters, especially now that we've had a chance to get to know them better. I liked how some of the characters fit into the plot in surprising ways.  I really like all the Eton boys.
Julia: I love the characters! Wintervale is probably my favorite and Titus is a close second. I'm not usually a huge fan of girls at boarding schools because of the way the author usually portrays them, but I loved the interactions and different personalities of all the Eton boys! 
6. What is your star rating? Why? Who would you recommend this one to?
Shannon: I would give this 4 solid stars.  It was really good, but didn't grip me the way 5 stars books do.  I am very much looking forward to the final book though!  I would recommend this to fans of spell-casting magic type books.
Julia: I'm giving it four stars, I took away one star just because I wasn't all into the desert part. I think most readers that enjoy magic/fantasy reads that are light on the romance will enjoy these ones :) 

Other Books in the Order They Should Be Read:
1. The Burning Sky
2. The Perilous Sea
Disclosure:  I reviewed a copy free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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