Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tell Me Tuesday #7

Tell me Tuesday is a weekly feature that where you talk about what you are currently reading and what you have on deck!  Let's begin, shall we?


I just started Yes Please by Amy Poehler on audio.  I adore her, but I find that celebrity memoirs are so much better on audio.  I love hearing them read their story (as opposed to reading it).    

Yes Please

I also just started The Girl on the Train.  I'm kind of excited to read it.  Psychological Thriller?  Unreliable narrator?  Sign me up!

The Girl on the Train

The Glass Arrow was on my list last week as a joint read with Julia, but well, life got in the way.  But I'm SURE we will get to it this week.

The Glass Arrow  

If we're really on top of things, we'll also get to Unleashed:

Unleashed (Uninvited, #2)

And I may also get to Mark of the Thief, which is a new series by Jennifer A. Nielsen.  I loved her Ascendance Trilogy.

Mark of the Thief (Mark of the Thief, #1)



  1. Ooh let me know how you like The Girl on the Train - I loooove unreliable narrators!

    1. It was pretty good! But also, since I the blurb said "for fans of Gone Girl", I was looking for huge plot twists so I essentially figured it out right away. But the journey getting to the end was good. Since you read a lot of books, you probably have the same problem where it takes a lot to really surprise you. I'm always suspicious of everything and rarely take anything at face value. And I almost never believe it when a person dies...I'm always expecting them to come back! LOL



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