Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tell Me Tuesday #23

Tell me Tuesday is a weekly feature that where you talk about what you are currently reading and what you have on deck!  Let's begin, shall we?


It's been a very slow reading week here at Rex Robot Reviews.  Julia is still finishing up Ready Player One and I am working through Clariel. I'm finding myself very distracted from reading it.  Not because  I'm not enjoying it, but I don't know.  Maybe I'm not in the mood for it?  It's terrible because I LOVE Sabriel
Clariel (Abhorsen, #4)

I'm also still listening to this on audiobook.  I think I will finish it up this week, hopefully.  I'm still enjoying it, but kind of wish it would get to the point already.
The Book of Broken Hearts

My 5 year old daughter and I started My Secret Unicorn today. We're only one chapter in, but it is way less cheesy than I expected.
The Magic Spell (My Secret Unicorn, #1)   

My next audiobook will be this one.  I've heard such good things about it and I want to give Leila Sales another chance after Past Perfect (which I did not like).
This Song Will Save Your Life


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  1. Did I see a dragon on the cover of Cabriel? I am glad you give authors a second chance. I am trying to think if I ever have, and I don't think so, although it isn't intentionally. I said I would give a different series of Julie Kagawa's a read after hating Talon, so if I get the chance, and a good deal on an ebook; I certainly will. I love the inclusions of your daughter's books because so many people who blog and read about YA and Adult books have small children. Thanks for TMTing so faithfully! *pins medal on your chest*



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