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The Uninvited by Cat Winters [Reviews]

The Uninvited4 out of 5 Robots!

The Uninvited by Cat Winters
Genre: Historical Fiction/Paranormal
Release: August 11, 2015
Hardcover: 343 Pages
Publisher: William Morrow
My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Shannon

Book Summary:
From the award-winning author of In the Shadow of Blackbirds comes a stunning new novel—a masterfully crafted story of love, loss, and second chances. Set during the fear and panic of the Great Influenza of 1918, The Uninvited is part gothic ghost-story, part psychological thriller, perfect for those who lovedThe Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield or The Vanishing by Wendy Webb.

Twenty-five year old Ivy Rowan rises from her bed after being struck by the flu, only to discover the world has been torn apart in just a few short days.

But Ivy’s life-long gift—or curse—remains. For she sees the uninvited ones—ghosts of loved ones who appear to her, unasked, unwelcomed, for they always herald impending death. On that October evening in 1918 she sees the spirit of her grandmother, rocking in her mother’s chair. An hour later, she learns her younger brother and father have killed a young German out of retaliation for the death of Ivy’s older brother Billy in the Great War.

Horrified, she leaves home, to discover the flu has caused utter panic and the rules governing society have broken down. Ivy is drawn into this new world of jazz, passion, and freedom, where people live for the day, because they could be stricken by nightfall. But as her ‘uninvited guests’ begin to appear to her more often, she knows her life will be torn apart once more, but Ivy has no inkling of the other-worldly revelations about to unfold.
(Courtesy of the Publisher)

Shannon's Thoughts:
For some reason, I thought this was YA, but it's not!  Surprise!  That didn't affect my enjoyment of the story at all though.   

Set in one of my favorite eras (WWI), this is the story of Ivy, a shy and reclusive 25 year old woman who can see the dead.  To Ivy, the dead are harbingers of death.  She sees them right before someone close to her dies.  One night, she sees one of the Uninvited right before she discovers her father and brother beat a German furniture shop owner to death.  Not able to deal with her guilt over what they did, she leaves her home.  On her way to town she sees the brother of the murdered German standing in the store.  Ivy becomes determined to try to make amends.  A long the way, she meets a war widow who encourages her to embrace her life and freedom and two ambulance drivers who are desperate to help the influenza victims.

First of all, I love the WWI setting, especially with the dual backdrop of the war and the Spanish Influenza epidemic.  I can only imagine what a frightening time it would be.  Like the world was falling a part.  I guess in a lot of ways, it was.  But WWI era is one of my favorite eras for historical fiction.

Secondly, I love historical fiction paranormal books even more.  I really liked the added ghostly elements to the story too.  The story doesn't completely focus on the ghost aspect, but it does play a very large part.  Especially at the end. 

Speaking of the end, I was actually surprised!  That doesn't happen very often because I'm a suspicious reader, but I was actually caught off guard.  I thought the ending was a great end to the story and it made me want to reread the book over knowing what I now know.

Overall, if you like ghost stories or historical fiction, I recommend reading this book!

Disclaimer: I received this book in exchange for an honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. The end of this one got me too! And, I was surprised it was adult, having read her other YA books (which you should read if you haven't.) I really enjoyed this one. Great review!

  2. Every time I read an Adult book, thinking it is YA, I love it. I wonder what that should tell me. I also like YA stories that are more like Adult Lit, little romance, and little to no fashion and make-up. I do want to read this, but finding the time is another matter. Thanks for another great review. :)



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