Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tell Me Tuesday #30

Tell me Tuesday is a weekly feature that where you talk about what you are currently reading and what you have on deck!  Let's begin, shall we?


I've had an upper respiratory infection since Thursday, so I've basically been in bed and trying not to move.  The good news is that I got a lot of reading in.  This is the book I am finishing up. It's the last book in The Arkwell Academy series, which has kind of a fun, Harry Potter-ish vibe.

The Nightmare Charade (The Arkwell Academy, #3)

Kaylee (age 5) and I reading this graphic novel, which I realized it actually pretty hard to read out loud to someone who doesn't read and therefore, can't follow along with the panels.  But the book itself is hilarious.
Phoebe and Her Unicorn (Heavenly Nostrils #1)

I'm going to be starting this audiobook today.  I've seen it around a bunch, but I just recently found it was a Newberry Award Honor book.
Doll Bones

This is what Julia and I are hitting up next in for joint read.
Walk on Earth a Stranger (The Gold Seer Trilogy, #1)


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  1. I think we can be contagious over the internet because you, Cait, and I all have the same illness. Ugh. My TMT is not up yet, but it will be in about an hour and your link will be there. That Mindee Arnett series sounds good, and I love the cover of Doll Bones. I was interested in reading Walk on Earth a Stranger until I found out it was a Western. I have this aversion to cowboys, and movie westernsin particular, for some reason. I am still curious about the premise of the book, however, and will be looking out for another one of your fabulous tandem reviews. Thanks for TMTing and feel better. :)



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