Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Tell Me Tuesday #31

Tell me Tuesday is a weekly feature that where you talk about what you are currently reading and what you have on deck!  Let's begin, shall we?


A few years ago, I randomly decided I wanted to read all the Newberry Award books.  What can I say?  I like lists and I like crossing them off.  Anyways, I recently decided to start pursuing my goal again.  So I picked this book up from the library: 


Kaylee (age 5) and I are still reading this one.  I've been so sick that reading to her has been impossible, but I think we might finish it this week.
Phoebe and Her Unicorn (Heavenly Nostrils #1)

I'm 2/5th done with this audiobook.  It's just starting to get into the thick of it.  I'm not sure how I feel about the narrator.  I like his voice for some of the characters, but bothers me for others.
Doll Bones

This just showed up from the library.  It's been getting good reviews, so I'm excited!
Everything, Everything


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  1. Wow, all the Newberry books? How many off those are there? I love the cover of Paperboy. And THE SICKNESS... blerg... I just started feeling halfway human on Sunday. We went grocery shopping on Friday and half way through the store I wanted to just lie down on the floor and give up. LOL I hope you start feeling well soon! I am calling it the Internet Virus because so many bloggers have gotten it. Once Kaylee starts doing Kookies and Milk next month, I thought it would be great to put her TMT book on the Tickling Dragons blog every week and link her up, too. Just a thought. Thanks, as always, for TMTing so faithfully (even when suffering from the plague). :)



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