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The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig [Joint Review!]

The Girl from Everywhere (The Girl from Everywhere, #1)5 out of 5 Robots!

The Girl From Everywhere by Heidi Heilig
Series: Girl From Everywhere #1
Genre: YA Fantasy
Release: February 16, 2016
Hardcover: 464 Pages
Publisher: Greenwillow Books
My Copy: Publisher
Reviewer: Julia and Shannon

Book Summary:
Nix has spent her entire life aboard her father’s ship, sailing across the centuries, across the world, across myth and imagination.

As long as her father has a map for it, he can sail to any time, any place, real or imagined: nineteenth-century China, the land from One Thousand and One Nights, a mythic version of Africa. Along the way they have found crewmates and friends, and even a disarming thief who could come to mean much more to Nix.

But the end to it all looms closer every day.

Her father is obsessed with obtaining the one map, 1868 Honolulu, that could take him back to his lost love, Nix’s mother. Even though getting it—and going there—could erase Nix’s very existence.

For the first time, Nix is entering unknown waters.

She could find herself, find her family, find her own fantastical ability, her own epic love.

Or she could disappear.

(Courtesy of the Publisher)

Julia and Shannon's Thoughts:
1. Sum up your feelings in a sentence or two
Julia: Girl from Everywhere is exciting, a true adventure story full of pirates, time travel and treasure maps... I loved it! It is incredibly refreshing.
Shannon: I don't know if it was just the mood I was in or what, but this story really stood out to me.  I thought it was incredibly fun and interesting and it felt different than most other books out there.

2. What did you like?  What did you dislike?
Julia: I liked that there is a parental figure, and unlike most young adult stories, the relationship between parent and child is complicated. Slate isn't perfect but obviously cares and Nix is torn between helping her dad and doing what's best for herself. Just love that he is a strong character in the story and there is a lot of interaction between the two. The only thing I disliked is that it seems there is a love triangle developing. No, thank you! 
Shannon: My favorite part was also the complicated relationship Nix has with her dad.  It felt very genuine to anyone who has a complicated relationship with their parents.  That push and pull between wanting to help them and loving them, but also recognizing their faults and inadequacies.  The main thing I disliked was no fault of the books.  We had an ARC that did not have the maps!  So sad!  But, I also thought the love triangle development seemed a little forced.  

3. Who was your favorite character?
Julia: Slate or Kashmir. They are both fascinating and keep things interesting... both have an intriguing back story that gives their characters depth. 
Shannon:  I agree with Julia.  Slate and Kashmir are the richest characters.  Slate is one of those love to hate characters.  But I just love how complex he is!  Kashmir is very dashing - straight out of a story, haha.  I got a little frustrated at Kashmir and Nix's back and forth.  Just kiss already!

4. How did you feel about the ending?
Julia: Nothing really stands out about it, but there is a fine amount of action to lead up to it. Can't wait to see where they sail The Temptation next... Really hoping that Slate and Nix stay together awhile longer! 
Shannon: The ending felt adequate.  It probably could have been a stand alone and I would have been satisfied.  Those are my favorite kinds of books.  But I definitely liked where it left off.

5. What is your rating? 
Julia: I would rate it a 5 out of 5. Highly recommend to other fans of time travel, young adult or pirates :)
Shannon: I would rate it 4.5 out of 5.  I only docked that half point because I do think it can take awhile to understand what is happening and how it all fits together.  And the back and forth between Kashmir and Nix.  I don't have time for games, people!


  1. I loved the premise of this story, but I thought it was weird that Kash was more developed as a character than the MC. The story itself was great; I just had too many problems with the inconsistency of the writing style and some continuity problems. Seeing that she is a debut author, I will definitely be giving the sequel a chance. Thanks for another wonderful tandem review. :)

  2. AHH I'M SO GLAD YOU LOVED IT TOO! I adored this book! It was such a pleasantly delicious read...just because I wasn't really expecting anything?! And then it was amazing. I adored Kash and I thought Nix was pretty interesting (although I liked Kash better hehe) and my only complaint was that it was quite slow. But the writing afjdklafsd beautifulness. I NEED A MILLION BOOKS BY THIS AUTHOR! *happy dance*



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