Contest Polices

Contest Policies, Rules & Legal Disclaimers Terms of Contest Entry 

  1. All entrants should be 18 years or older.
  2. All contests are open to residents of the region specified in the contest post.
  3. It is the prize contributor's responsibility to supply you with the prize. Rex Robot Reviews has no control when these will be sent out and takes no responsibility for their non arrival. 
  4. Prizes delayed, lost or damaged during shipping will not be replaced.
  5. All personal information collected during the duration of a contest will be discarded immediately after the winners are chosen. Personal information will NOT be shared with third parties with the exception of the prize contributors.
  6. If something is to happen to your prize before shipment, the prize is offered at our discretion and can be withdrawn or substituted for an alternative at any time. We will not substitute, change or trade the prize if you do not want it and it is non-transferable.
  7. Please remember that all digital/electronic copies of books that may be won are illegal to copy, forward or give away- if this is done it violates the copyright.
  8. Please remember that any ARC that may be won are illegal to sell and doing so would violate the copyright. DON'T DO IT!
  9. Rex Robot Reviews reserves the right to change or modify the Contest Policies & Rules at any time without prior notice.
  10. Rex Robot Reviews reserves the right to end any contest prior to the deadline without prior notice.
  11. Rex Robot Reviews reserves the right to disqualify any entrant as seen fit.
  12. All contests are void where prohibited.
  13. By entering any contest at Rex Robot Reviews you are agreeing to the Rex Robot Reviews Terms of Entry and any violation of Contest Policies, Rules & Legal Disclaimers will forfeit an entrant's eligibility in current and future contests.
Questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Entry? 
Please just shoot me an e-mail :)


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